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The sun rose beautifully on the first morn of 2013. I thought to my self that I might run in and get the camera to capture it. The next intuitive thought was, no, relax. Sometimes we miss the moment while trying to capture it. I chose to sit quietly, begin my year in peaceful solitude, enjoy the heat of the water and the visual effects the universe afforded me. I am blessed.

Twenty – twelve was a fantastic year. It was the birth of my muse’s first grandchild, the year I built the new deck, the year of travel, success, art, renewing my passion for photography, new studio equipment, learning to love the hot tub, learning about family and much, much more. The images here are not the finest art images, they are snapshots of my year.

One other thing I learned this year: It is easy to throw images away, it is impossible to retrieve them. There are no negatives to print more. Think hard before you hit delete. I will be devoting a new folder to images I may not wish to keep. A junk folder as it were. eventually this will need it’s own hard drive. So now I begin the task (made easier I might add by Lightroom 4) to organize all my images (over 600 in 6 months) into some sort of system, complete with metadata and the like.

Happy New Year and Peace