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Do I give an End of the World card to my muse? What is the appropriate gift? What do I wear to the end of the world? Do I wake Kat up at 3:10 am to see if she is ready to go? GOD, I wish some end of the world expert wrote a book on E.O.W. (End Of World) etiquette. I am the last second panic type. Well not really panic, more like squint and say, “DAMN…that sucks”. I am the grasshopper and all those Doomsday Preppers are the diligent ants. The world needs ants like that because it gives any alien archaeologists an idea  of just how messed up some of us really were. YOU will not be there to greet them.

Here’s a news flash you prepping preppers. It’s THE END! OVER! DONE! FINAL!

Definition of END

a : the part of an area that lies at the boundary

b (1) : a point that marks the extent of something (2) : the point where something ceases to exist <world without end>

c : the extreme or last part lengthwise : tip

d : the terminal unit of something spatial that is marked off by units

e : a player stationed at the extremity of a line (as in football)

a : cessation of a course of action, pursuit, or activity

b : death, destruction

noun.   termination – finish – conclusion – ending – purpose
verb.   finish – terminate – conclude – close – complete – stop
See? All done. END….NOTHING left. You preppers will vapourize like the rest of us. You, your gun slinging Tex ass senator and all your guns. WHAMMO…gone.
IF you survive the irony is this;

The very people you wanted to have guns will be hunting you down in a post apocolyptic environment.While me, Keith, Carlos and Jerry smoke weed and drink JD in heaven. OK….maybe we won’t be imbibing but we would be hanging out and laughing as your prepper asses get peppered with buckshot or perhaps a .45cal hollow point to expand your mind.

I’m not worried about the end of all that is. I embrace it. I am, however, worried about the idiots that are bound to do something stupid and mess up my day. The best thing you can do is live each day as if it IS your last. Be present, make peace with the universe, put your

“substitute for a lack of something” guns away and enjoy life.
PS if this is the end….I am gonna point at you and laugh. I mean, what ya gonna do, shoot me?