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WHEN…did life become so busy?

Is it really busy or is it just my poor time management skills? Yes, I lack time management skills, that and procrastination. I put the pro in procrastination. I could be doing a large number of things but I put them off and wonder where the time went. I rationalize this by saying I will get around to “it” when life slows down, when I have more time, when I am less busy. Less busy doing what? Doing nothing, really.

WHEN…did life become so busy?

I am tired for what appears to be no reason. Brain tired. Sure I have stress at work. A large amount of stress. I do not, however carry that stress home. Maybe on the road home but it stays in the parked car at the end of the day. Perhaps that stress is so insidious ( I like the word and wanted to use it.) that it sneaks in and shuts down enough synapses that I doze off during the news? Nope. The news is boring and filled with negative crap, dulling my senses and forcing my mind to shut down. Why do I subject myself to that?

WHY…does life seem so busy?

To Be Continued…

I slept and have a new set of eyes.

Life isn’t as busy as I thought, well it is, but that only means I am blessed with the ability to use my talents as a creative entity. I am pretty lucky to have the life I have. There are a multitude of things for which I am grateful.

LIFE…it’s only as busy as we perceive it to be.