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I love the song with the title Shine On You Crazy Diamond. An ode to Sid Barrett. A young, talented, creative genius who wore out his welcome too soon. In fact I am listening to it now. I know many “Sids”. Far too many than I wish. I wonder why them and why not me? No, no survivors guilt. I figure I made it for a reason. I was spared that continued spiral into the dark abyss of substance abuse. Oh but I loved my LSD. If there were no consequences (thoughts of an idealist) I would be dropping copious amounts even now. There are, for me and for all those “Sids” out there. Sid – sid. DO pardon the pun, will you?

I have chosen to shine on, but more a blue light than a diamond, crazy is subjective, normal is a setting on my washer.

My point? You ask?

I have decided to blog for a local company – (see: To Blog or Not…etc.)


I am. Why not? Why not give it a try? What’s the worst that can happen? I fail to meet my own expectations and I give a 14 day notice to terminate my deal with them. I had some assurances, albeit verbal, from the content manager that it’s all legalese. Dude, so is the Canadian Criminal Code, but hey, fir years, I worked my way around that small bit o’ legalese. Not now. I’m a relatively good boy where the law is concerned……shhhh…..we do not wish to awaken the sleeping giant. The “authorities”.

Me? An anti-authoritarian?

I will fill everyone in on the new blog address. Art based in a small city where the arts community is pretty vibrant. I remember 9.25 years ago when I called my dad from a payphone and told him I was going to stay in Prince George for a while. Mostly because I just got out of detox and was living in a mens recovery home. But I told my dad it was because I loved the arts community here and there were some of the most beautiful women in North America here. I been to a lot of cities and PG has some of the most stunning women, inside and out. I always quantify beauty by saying, “even the most beautiful can become quite ugly when they open their mouths.”


And here is that ode to Sid