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The following was an email reply sent to me regarding my blogging for someone else;

Hey Mike,
Awesome. Great to hear! If you can blog once per week,
can keep the posts between 350 and 700 words (approximately),
can keep to a main theme, and try not to offend
then you should be good.
I’ll have an official document for you once we’re ready.
What name would you want for you blog?
And would the focus be on the arts?

I have been asked by a local “news” website to blog for them. While I see it as an honour and I was quick to say yes (ego), I am having second thoughts. Firstly, in all my correspondence with the fellow, I have used Michael and he insist on shortening my name to Mike. Secondly he asks that I try not to offend. Dammit, what’s the point? Lastly, the “official document”. THAT scares me and here is why;

7.2 By submitting Content to the Web Site, you grant Vista a
perpetual, royalty-free, irrevocable, non-exclusive worldwide right
and license to use, disclose, communicate to the public by
telecommunication, display, exhibit, perform, reproduce, modify,
adapt, publish, translate, and distribute such Content or
incorporate such Content into any form, medium, or technology
now known or hereafter developed.
7.3 Further, Vista shall be free to use any ideas, concepts, know how,
or techniques contained in such information for any
purposes whatsoever including but not limited to research,
development, manufacturing, and marketing of products, services
and other items incorporating such ideas. In consideration of
Vista’s continuing efforts to enhance and improve the Web Site
and its associated products and services and to respond to
feedback from users, you agree to transfer such ideas, concepts,
know-how, or techniques to Vista without any compensation in
return. You also agree to execute any and all documents that
Vista may reasonably request in connection with
confirming Vista’s ownership of and unlimited right to use such ideas,
concepts, know-how, and techniques.

REALLY??? I have to study this a bit further. What say you, my followers?