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Inspired to create more, get involved with local arts organizations and be less, I would say introverted but that won’t happen. How about more out going, congenial and social. This, this is gonna hurt.

I have my friend, Carol, to thank for the inspiration. I have known Carol for a few years now. We worked together. She was in sales and I do whatever it is I do. She always has a laugh, good vibe and her remarks often cause me to look at a situation in a more compassionate and understanding way. That pisses me off. The hmmm moment.

The reason I have Carol to thank, is she and fellow artist Greg Bradacs, who is a phenomenal carver and visual artist, had their opening of “The Shades of Life” exhibition last evening. I had to attend. I knew Carol was talented but I didn’t know how talented. She did ink drawings of whales and attached them to used metal printing plates. The theme of her work was communication. with little indentations to show not only waves of water but waves of sound. The whales communication on a medium we humans use for visual communication. It was stunning. Both artists are outstanding.

The Prince George Community Arts Council is, I have been told, a wonderful organization that supports local and regional artists. Check out the site and you may do what I am going to do this day, join. That is, if you are reading this and are a local artist.

There are times when I feel as if things are moving past or around me and I get frustrated at the lack of exposure. I then realize, like now, I need be proactive. I need to suit up and show up. I need to address some of my fears and apprehensions and become more vulnerable. Become vulnerable amongst my peers. They are my peers, they are my equals as I am theirs.

Thanks to Carol, I am off my ass and out the door to join! Yea!

I also have a honey do list that seems to go on forever. Damn, no lazy day for me.