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They are at it again. The Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the World. The Rolling Stones! They are playing two nights in London, UK and two nights in New Jersey, USA .

I am at once, pleased, envious, lusting, plotting and dismayed. Where do I start? They are my favourite band of all time. I say that with a little less conviction than I once did but I still feel the love. The bad boys of rock and roll are now the elder statesmen. They are older but they can still rock it. I am pleased that they are playing because I want to know they are doing what they love and like (Keith Richards) in his autobiography; Life, says: “I want to die on stage. What’s wrong with that?”

I am envious of those people that will get to see them. Perhaps for what may be the last time.

I am lusting for the concert scene and the entire vibe that goes with it. I have seen the Stones twice. I think maybe 3 times but I know twice for sure. Once in Winnipeg, MB an once in Buffalo, NY. Like I said, maybe three times but I’m not quite sure. The time in Buffalo may hold some clues as to why I am unable to remember many an event.

Kids, There are long term effects from marijuana abuse.

I am suddenly plotting on how I can get to Jersey or London. Crazy shit in my head. Stuff I used to do when I was a younger man. Sell everything…buy supplies (usually found in a bag, micro-dot, blotter or gram), find a ride, look for tickets. Win or lose it was a good time. At least until it became a bad time. Those days are gone but I can still plot, even if it does not come to fruition. I have seen them, that should be good enough.

I am dismayed because they are playing, that somewhere in my heart, I know they are maybe just a little too old. That maybe they are marketing something, that the machine is revving up to print them some more money. I think my band has sold out. Or at least Mick has. Keith, by association, is guilty and that breaks my heart.

Then I think of my first reaction.

I return to the idealistic view of the wide eyed fan that followed the bands news and moves. I become less jaded, judgmental critical. It’s only rock and roll, and I like it.

Ladies and Gentlemen…The Greatest Rock and Roll band in the world! The Rolling Stones.

A footnote…I was in Winnipeg Stadium waiting for the show to start when a teenager yells to someone; “Hi Mr & Mrs “Smith”! Nice to see you, my parents are just up here!” I knew I was getting old.