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Last night as our company was just leaving, we got a call. They mentioned that there was a very large Alces alces andersoni or the name more familiar which was borrowed from the Algonquian language, Moose.  In modern English; dude, holy shit man, there is a big freakin moose in your yard.

As I grabbed my gear, pushed the muse out of the way to get to the moose. I hear her words of wisdom ringing in my head, “Don’t get trampled!”. Sage advise considering what happened in my post: Angry Bull Moose Smacks Down…etc. I did not want to have my sorry ass scraped from the driveway. Moose (mooses? meese? What exactly is the plural here?) attack more humans than bear and wolves combined. So, with all the stealth an overfed long haired leaping gnome can muster, I strode forward. Hey, striding can be stealthy if done correctly! The first few shots were done with the built in flash and looked horrible. Terribly under lit. I ran back inside, grabbed the flash and new batteries, fumbling to get them in as I hurried back down the stairs and through our front door. Not only did the subject not run away, she, yes, she came closer!

I was about 10 meters away when I shot these images. Only a couple because the neighbourhood dogs knew something was afoot and they made a ruckus. Damn dogs. I often wonder why people have dogs if all they do is leave them alone and outside for their entire lives. Pathetic if you ask me. Is it a pet or just a kept animal to say you have one. Don’t get me started.

Here are the images from last night.
This was a fair size cow moose, munching away on the Mountain Ash berries from the neighbours tree. I would say the cow was about 6 feet tall at the shoulder and quite curious. Until, that is, the dogs started yapping.

Not every city has it’s bears, moose and the odd cougar (the feline kind, ya pervert) wander through rather densely populated area. It makes me love the greenbelt behind my house even more.