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Because I have none.

Last night was like any other. Kat and I just finished our evening soak, she was getting the kettle ready for tea and I decided to have a shower, Santana went out, as always, just before bed, to inspect the perimeter. Everything was right with the world. I watching my cartoons, Kat reading her book, Saydee sleeping in the closet and Santana growling. Growling? He is damn good when it comes to detecting stuff. A great alarm. This time the growling went on for a little while the abated. Suddenly he let out a loud bark, hackles up, staring out the bedroom door. He alternated between barking and looking at me with his, “Look man, I did the security assessment, you need to do the sweep. Oh Master of the universe(dog sarcasm). Will you be dragging your ass out of that comfy bed that you no longer allow me on, or , shall I continue barking?” I got up and we did the sweep…me in the lead and him watching my back. At least that’s what I’d like to think he was doing. Big chicken shit dog that he is.

Living Room clear.

Studio clear.

Entryway clear….wait….do you you hear that? Water running. Maybe the toilet in the basement is running. No. Maybe the washer is running. No. It’s the hot water tank. I just replaced that damn pressure valve. No. It wasn’t the valve. Hot water was pouring out the bottom, not from the copper line attached to the valve. SON OF A BITCH! That means a new tank AND a potential plumbers bill.

$$$$$….cha ching to the groin.

OK, maybe not that bad. I can buy the tank/heater and install it myself. As long as their are no gas leaks that make the house go BOOOM!! 

Hey, is all good.