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We have a very creative household, the Muse and I. I paint, she bakes, I do my photography and she suggests awesome poses and ideas for shots, I write, she sews, I make videos and she crochets. Our grandson Huxley will be exposed to all those and more creative outlets. Why then did I give this post that particular title? Because, I had not anticipated the dogs getting involved in any artistic endeavours. Sure they make little brown sculptures and yea they do awesome woodworking with their teeth and yes, they even try their paws (mouths) at high fashion design by using existing mitts, socks, pants, underwear, panties…etc etc. I must say, they, especially Santana, are quite good at it. I was, however slightly surprised that they wanted to paint. That is correct. Paint. Firstly, while they made noises like they were playing, they or more likely, Santana, noticed that dad had left the cupboard open.

An enticing temptation to any artistic dog, to be sure.

Kat (my Muse) and I were just about, after a lovely day of craft fair surfing, to head out for our date night, when the transgression was discovered. A bottle of Golden, Sap Green was laying, punctured, on the carpet of the studio. (YES, YES, I have carpet in my studio. For the time being.) That wasn’t so bad, no green doggie lips or sick pooches.

And then Kat saw Saydee. Saydee with the green paws.

 If you ask me, It looks like dogs really are colour blind.  Why do I base the assertion on this episode? Of all the colours available. They (probably Santana) had to have picked not only green, but, probably the most horrendous shade of green that Golden makes. Not only did we have to wash her paws but when we got back, Kat began scrubbing the carpet. YES, again. I am a bad bad artist with carpet in the studio!

Here are the two culprits looking guilty and wanting to be helpful after all the trouble caused. I believe they know what they are doing. They are way to smart not to. Now I have a beautiful and creative muse AND some scheming, crazy, artistic pets.