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When I first started this blog, writing was easy for me. Now I am wondering if I have told all my stories, made all the commentary I can, hit the opine limit. Am I washed up as a writer before the gig ever really got going. NO! I scream in my head, after I tell all the other screaming voices to be quiet. Damn voices, sometimes so co-operative and other times so combative. This time they seemed to acquiesce with little verbal bludgeoning. NO! I am not finished. I have much to say about nothing, a little, stuff, kinda. I will continue to blog and to precipitate this action, I have joined the Weekly Photo Challenge at the Daily Post  and NaBloPoMo. I need the help. I need that little push, the spark, the aha ha moment that gets the wheels turning. I also need to stop being so freaking lazy. I sit on my ass and watch TV. Do I feel guilty? No. No, because I am the master of rationalization and justification. “I work on the computer all day, I don’t wanna do anything that means looking at a screen.” (say this with a whiny voice while watching moving picture flash across, yes, a screen.)

I share this with you, my blogging public, because it is a form of public self flagellation, guilt and shame…blah blah blah (insert more psycho babble here). Mainly I tell you this so my friends might gently ask, if they fail to see a post, “Hey Michael, what you been up to?”. I know then, that I need to leave to comfort of my lazy boy, the confines of my restricted thinking and open that door of imagination. After all. I got a million stories. They may not all be great but I got a million of them.