I checked the date. Yup. October 28. We usually get some snow on or near Halloween. It is the benchmark date. Will it snow on Halloween? I remember the fist Halloween I spent with my muse. We were laying on the grassy boulevard watching fireworks. Some years are just like that. This year is quite different. In the last few days, we have gone

From this

To this:

A veritable winter wonderland

I’m not complaining one bit. We only had 1.2 feet of snow and an earthquake while those poor folks back east really got hit hard. Yes, I said earthquake. Let’s just say that the storm surge on one of the great lakes was greater than any tsunami generated by that earthquake. I did, however feel the house sway and watched a plant swing about. Even being about 500 miles from the island nearest the epicentre.

I will stay present, look at the snow and be in awe of ALL Mother Nature’s power.

By the way. The top image is Saturday afternoon while I was filling the hot tub after the changing of the water. I am so glad I didn’t procrastinate on that one. That tub makes the aches and pains of shoveling bearable. Here is a little gratitude upper. I see the guy across the street trying to shovel from his wheel chair. My aches and pains aren’t so bad. I then become grateful for snow and that I am able to shovel.