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Angry bull moose smacks down RCMP cruiser – British Columbia – CBC News.

Image courtesy of CBC and RCMP

Really! I shit you not. Rutting bull mooses are nothing to mess with. Somewhere, a moose is in hiding. You know how the cops can be when one of there own get attacked. Now the city has earned the right to be called Canada’s Most Dangerous.

All kidding aside, I am glad the officer is alright. That kick could have actually killed him. There is one animal that scares me more than any other and that is a moose. I have howled with wolves, been shadowed by a pack whilst checking my snares, I have had bear encounters, angry charging raccoon incidents, badger bullying, even deer stalking me. Those are nothing. If I see a moose coming toward me…I am outta here. This particular moose was irritated by just the sound of the car starting. That’s all it took. Horny rutting moose, like most of us males when we are in that mode, think very little until too late.

All his moose buddies are laughing….dude….you took on a car…a car….wait…a cruiser. The guy had a gun and you took on his car. Suddenly it isn’t funny as all the other moose strand in awe of their brother in antlers. Now he can play in all the moose and deer games.